May 2018

May 2018

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Jetsons Have Arrived

Animal Kingdom Lodge
Orlando, FL
My daughter's family has been in Orlando since Sunday. They're members of the Disney Vacation Club, so drive to Disney World once or twice a year. The last time they were there, we were in Paris, so communicated with emails and text messages. But, this trip, we're home with only an hour time difference, so get daily video calls. What fun!
The future is here!

Through iPhone's FaceTime, the grandsons call every evening, just before bedtime. During the first call, we got a tour of the condo. And, last night, Elliott showed us his new pins.

Growing up, I remember hearing that one day we would "see" the people we called, like The Jetsons did. At the time, the idea horrified me. Who wanted their boyfriend to see them without hair done and makeup on!

As a grandma, however, I absolutely love video chat. To see my grandsons's sweet faces as we talk is amazing and wonderful. And I couldn't care less how I look because, in Elliott's and Jonah's eyes, grandma always looks good. For me, the future arrived at the perfect time.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello Summertime!

Today is the last day of the 2012-2013 school year. That means, for the next 11 weeks, Monday through Friday, I do not have to get up before 7:30 A.M. to get my oldest grandson to school. And, for the next 11 Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do not have to watch my youngest grandson all day.

I'll still see the boys a lot this summer. But I'll be off Grandma Daycare duty, letting my daughter deal with all of the meltdowns, naps, snacks, meals, and cleanups.

As my respite begins, I'm not looking past tomorrow morning when I plan to sleep well past 7:30 A.M. After that, there's still plenty of time to make to-do lists and schedule appointments. Let summertime begin!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's a Different Spring

I'm still having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact the school year ends this week and next weekend is the unofficial start of summer. But I finally realized why.

This is the first spring in 25 years we haven't owned a pest control business. That means this is the first spring in a long time Jim isn't averaging 12-hour work days, seven days a week. And I'm not working 25 hours a week on the books in addition to managing all my other responsibilities.

Jim's working more hours than we had hoped at his new job, but it's still less than when we owned a business. And the work is not nearly as stressful. Plus, he's now able to have some fun on the weekends and even get some chores done.

I'm also enjoying the reduced stress in our lives. I now have more time for other interests and can be more "in the moment" when I'm with my grandsons. Plus I haven't been grinding my teeth at night!

We're definitely still adjusting to our new life. But, for sure, it's been a change for the better.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's a Go!

The kitchen remodel's a go and I'm extremely excited. Like most people undertaking such a big home improvement project, our budget is tight. Nevertheless, I believe we can still create a more functional and eye-pleasing space. For sure, we can get rid of the "country" look I've been over for years.

I've already logged hours of research and expect to do much more. But I'm hopeful the kitchen will be completed this summer and not carry into the fall. So far, we've hired the kitchen designer and general contractor. We've also finalized the floor plan and chosen the flooring.

I'll share our progress as the project unfolds. To begin, here are the "before" pictures:

View from the doorway between the kitchen and family room.
View from the laundry room.
From this corner, you see the doorway to the laundry room on the right
and the doorway to the family room straight ahead.
Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of School Year

The boys must be getting easier to watch. Unlike other years, I haven't been counting down to summer. In fact, I was stunned when I just now looked at the calendar and found there are only two weeks left of the school year!

Truth is both of my grandsons are maturing nicely and seem to be growing like weeds. Their longer legs are, of course, more obvious in shorts. But their jeans and shorts have also become looser around their waists. Suddenly it's become more real that, in just a few years, they'll be much taller than their 5'4" grandma.

Yes, time does seem to be flying. And I'm sure the summer will pass quickly too. But, for now, I'm just looking forward to more free time and not having to wake before 7:30 A.M.!

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Artist

On Fridays, my oldest grandson, Elliott, spends the day at the Center for Creative Learning (CCL). Next Friday evening, CCL is holding a fair as a fundraiser for the World Bird Sanctuary. In preparation, the students have been busy making items to sell.
Looks a little like a kookaburra.

One item is a t-shirt covered, front and back, with bird images. Each of the 155 CCL first-graders submitted an original bird drawing, and the shirt designer chose 25. Today we learned Elliott's drawing was one of the images chosen for the front of the shirt!

Elliott is "over the moon" with excitement. And I'm a proud grandma who loves seeing her grandson's pleasure over an artistic accomplishment.

Congratulations, Elliott!