May 2018

May 2018

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Our November

Emily, Jonah, Mike, me,
dad, and Elliott.
I was ready for something new for Thanksgiving this year and suggested we go to Branson with my daughter's family. Everyone quickly agreed, which meant I hosted the traditional Thanksgiving meal the day before Thanksgiving to include my 87-year-old dad.

Elliott and Jonah in front of The Village
at Indian Point main building.
On Thanksgiving we drove to Branson (4 hours away) and checked into a two-bedroom condo at The Village at Indian Point, which was perfect for our family of six. Both bedrooms had king beds. And the boys slept comfortably in the family room, the oldest on the couch and the youngest on our air mattress.

By 1:30 PM we were in line at Silver Dollar City for their holiday buffet, which we all enjoyed. Then, with bellies full, we were off to enjoy the City's rides, shows, and 6.5 million holiday lights!

It was a successful first day and I was thrilled. My daughter's family are such Disney fanatics I expected constant comparisons. I certainly didn't expect what happened on day two. By the end of our second day, my son-in-law talked us all into taking advantage of the holiday offer of a $50 2018 SDC season pass!

On Black Friday we enjoyed another SDC day. While the family toured Marvel Cave in the morning, I did a little shopping in several of the gift shops. The City was much more crowded than the day before, but we still managed to have fun. Jonah absolutely loved all the SDC roller coasters!

Best part of the holiday buffet
was the pumpkin pie, of course.
The 6.5 million lights were truly magical.

How did my oldest grandson
get so tall?
Papa and Jonah playing a dulcimer.
Where else can you play a dulcimer,
 drink Sugar Cookie Soda, and
eat a spiraled potatoe wrapped around
a foot-long hot dog!
The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying more of what Branson has to offer. And Jonah even got to talk with Santa without having to wait in a long line. The whole holiday weekend was so much fun and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Jonah giving Santa his wish list.
Sadly, my first grandchild is now
too old for Santa :(
We returned home early evening on Sunday. Since then I've been busy busy busy, decorating, doing tons of laundry, restocking the cupboards, preparing meals, working out, etc. But the mad hustle this week is well worth the four days of fun I had in Branson with family to kick off the holidays.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017 Costumes

Just a quick one to show you the grandchildren's Halloween costumes.

Reya's mom made her Teletubbie costume.
Teletubbies is Reya's favorite show.
Jonah chose to be Ash from the Pokemon franchise.
His older brother was Ash a few years ago.
And Elliott decided to be Marty McFly from
Back to the Future. I imagine he was inspired
by his new interest in skateboards.