January 2018

January 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Big Boys!

Somehow these two are now 12 and 8. Elliott on Valentine's Day and Jonah today. Once they started full-time school, time just flew. Both are super bright, yet with very different interests, talents, and personalities. I'm grateful daily that I'm able to be so involved in their lives.
Happy birthday, Jonah!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

MS Awareness Month

My son-in-law was diagnosed with MS ten years ago at 30 years old. Older MS warriors envy his diagnose at such a young age because it's very possible a cure will be found well within Mike's life time.

So far, Mike's weekly injections have prevented his MS from getting worse. And we're grateful his insurance covers most of the astronomical cost of those injections.

We're also grateful Mike has no noticeable challenges such as a limp or permanent vision loss. His main struggles, so far, are difficulties fighting infections and depression.

Since Mike's diagnosis, my daughter has hosted a garage sale fundraiser every spring. (So, you see, all my purging goes to a great cause.) And our family has participated in the annual MS Walk.

Please be aware of this debilitating and growing disease. And please do what you can to help find a cure.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

More Purging

My new favorite YouTuber is Diane in Denmark. I found Diane while doing research for a possible trip to Scandinavia in 2019. She does share interesting facts about her region, but her channel's primary goal is to teach others how to make daily "chores" easier and less stressful.

I've always been organized and I hate clutter. I also love to purge and keep my house neat and tidy. Diane in Denmark is all of those things, but she's extemely practical and frugal in her approach.

Currently I'm participating in Diane's 40 in 40 Challenge, which began February 19. Everyday, for 40 days, participants purge one item. It can be as small as a broken pencil or as big as a piece of furniture. It doesn't matter the size. The objective is to be consistent, always keeping an eye out for items that are just cluttering up your space. Like many participants, I'm posting my daily items on Instagram if you're interested.

With Diane's motivation and tips, I'm now finding daily and weekly chores much less arduous. She's just what I needed at this time of my life. I love YouTube!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Branson Winter Getaway

My view from the condo's rocker recliner.
Last weekend we took advantage of hubby getting Presidents Day off and drove to Branson for a three-night getaway. We had such a relaxing time we didn't want to leave.

Danna's BBQ
I found a condo in our price range on VRBO with everything we wanted. Click here to see where we stayed. It was super clean with an extremely comfortable king-size bed. And the kitchen was well stocked with all we needed to prepare simple breakfasts and dinners. For our lunches, we enjoyed barbecue, once at Danna's and once at Rib Crib.

On Saturday afternoon we toured Titanic, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were there 2.5 hours and appreciated the off-season lighter crowd.

Hubby working on jigsaw
puzzle number two.
Then on Sunday we spent most of the afternoon at the outlet mall, taking advantage of the Presidents Day Sale. We scored great deals on wardrobe items hubby and I both needed. And I was able to finish Easter shopping for our grandsons and granddaughter. I also treated myself to my first Coach bag, which was 75 percent off!

The rest of our days and evenings were spent relaxing in the condo. Hubby assembled two jigsaw puzzles and I watched shows on Britbox, my newest app for watching British TV. I just binge watched all five seasons of Scott & Bailey, which I highly recommend.

Branson is quickly becoming our go-to for quick getaways. Last year we went twice and we're already planning our second visit for this year. In May, hubby's birthday month, we're looking forward to the Bluegrass and BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City.

We got home Monday afternoon and I'm still feeling so much more relaxed than I did before our getaway. I don't know why it took me so long to appreciate the Ozark Mountains. But I do know I'm now quickly falling in love with Branson.

The Titanic Museum is a must-do!
On the back of the Boarding Pass
is the name and story of a passenger.
At the end of the tour, it's revealed
whether or not the passenger survived.
Here's some of our outlet mall haul.
This doesn't include two pair of shoes,
one for me and one for hubby.