April 2018

April 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Annual MS Garage Sale

The result of a year-long purge.
(This is an area of the unfinished
part of our basement.)
Every year since my SIL was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis ten years ago, our family has held a spring MS Fundraising Garage Sale. This year the sale is this Saturday, March 31.

I didn't purge as much as last year, but still made a good contribution. Most of the items I'm donating I had held onto for my newest grand, my now 21-month-old granddaughter. But since she moved several states away last August, there's no need to hold onto the toy kitchen and pre-schooler table and chairs, for example.
Bake Sale ready!

Our garage sale also includes a bake sale. This year we got smart and I just labeled Little Debbie cakes I got on sale at Target. Cheaper and much less time-consuming than baking from scratch.

If you'd liked to help us aid in finding a MS cure in my SIL's life time, you can make a monetary contribution here. Thank you.

In addition to purging and spring cleaning, I've done a little home decorating since my last post. I rarely buy home decor items anymore, but felt the urge to update things a little. I got new spring/summer pillows for the family room and kitchen. I also got new placemats and a spring centerpiece for the kitchen table. These few updates gave me just the lift I needed to get through this year's long winter.

Happy Easter everyone!

Continuing with the dragonfly theme
in our family room with these new pillows.
These bunny pillows are much cuter than
I expected. And I think they'll work
for summer, too. Yay!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Big Boys!

Somehow these two are now 12 and 8. Elliott on Valentine's Day and Jonah today. Once they started full-time school, time just flew. Both are super bright, yet with very different interests, talents, and personalities. I'm grateful daily that I'm able to be so involved in their lives.
Happy birthday, Jonah!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

MS Awareness Month

My son-in-law was diagnosed with MS ten years ago at 30 years old. Older MS warriors envy his diagnose at such a young age because it's very possible a cure will be found well within Mike's life time.

So far, Mike's weekly injections have prevented his MS from getting worse. And we're grateful his insurance covers most of the astronomical cost of those injections.

We're also grateful Mike has no noticeable challenges such as a limp or permanent vision loss. His main struggles, so far, are difficulties fighting infections and depression.

Since Mike's diagnosis, my daughter has hosted a garage sale fundraiser every spring. (So, you see, all my purging goes to a great cause.) And our family has participated in the annual MS Walk.

Please be aware of this debilitating and growing disease. And please do what you can to help find a cure.