January 2018

January 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Same Five Pounds

I've been recording my weight on the LoseIt! app since January 2015. Recently I took a close look at that log and found I've been losing and gaining the same five pounds for three years. That's good news and bad news.

The good news is I've managed to stay within five pounds for three years. The bad news is I now know why I'm feeling so defeated. It's as if I've been treading water for 36 months. I haven't gotten anywhere and I'm exhausted!

I'm tired of counting calories with little positive results. I'm also tired of doing hours of research looking for a better quicker way to lose weight in my 60s. And I'm tired of having to think long and hard before joining others eating cake and ice cream at a birthday party.

But what can I do except continue with what I've been doing for the greater part of the last three years. I'll continue recording calories on the LoseIt! app, staying within 1450 daily calories recommended for my height, weight, and age by several sources. And I'll continue working out three times a week, doing a mixture of weight resistance and intense cardio.

Nevertheless, I've nearly given up on my goal to firmly lose 10 pounds. Now my main motive is to continue fitting into my favorite bottoms. Pray God that's not asking too much.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Approach

After the holidays, I decided to do better at planning meals and managing our food inventory. So far so good.

I'm only going to the grocery store every other week now instead of weekly. And I'm not purchasing items I already have. Instead I'm making a conscience effort to use pantry staples and freezer items I've had for months. I'm also no long buying more than I'll need for a two-week period, or stock-piling staples such as buying six cans of diced tomatoes when I only need two.

Because I'm using up what I already have and not buying in abundance, I've obviously been able to reduce our grocery costs so far this year. But an additional benefit that wasn't so obvious when I started is how much easier it is now to keep the freezer drawers (2) and produce drawers (4) clean and organized. And you know I love that!

I'm also having more fun cooking again. I'm enjoying the challenge of creating something with what I already have. Today I made soup with frozen chicken stock, some fresh mushrooms, some not-so-fresh carrots and celery, and rice. I also made pumpkin muffins with a can of pumpkin leftover from the holidays and my last box of cake mix.

In addition to better food and meal management, I've also been steadily progressing through my yearly household purging and re-organizing. I think I'll tackle the pantry next. Why not? Now that it's less cluttered, it should be super easy!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Recap

I've been retired for five years and haven't watched either of the grandsons all day everyday for three years. Nevertheless, when I'm not rushing and stressing I still sometimes feel I'm not doing enough. I guess I'm still adjusting to retirement. But I'm happy to report, except for our five-day trip to New Jersey mid month, my January has been pretty slow-paced.

I've never been an avid reader, yet this month I finished three novels. I think in the past I just had trouble sitting still long enough to steadily get through a book. Maybe that's changing. I started a fourth novel yesterday.

This month I also started my yearly purging and reorganizing. For me 2017 was the year of the "Big Purge," which means there's much less to get rid of this year. And that means cleaning closets, cupboards, and drawers is much easier. I don't need to dedicate hours everyday to getting the job done. For example, yesterday I only tackled the spice cabinet, which left me plenty of time for reading.

I've also had time for some dreaded deep cleaning already this year. Last week, on hands and knees, I scrubbed the floor grout in both bathrooms. Luckily, since it's just hubby and me, that's only a once-a-year job.

Transitiong to a healthier diet after the holidays remains a priority. I've been trying new low-carb slow-cooker recipes and counting calories daily. Plus, as much as I hate the scale, I've been weighing myself everyday. It's been interesting to see just how much my weight fluctuates over a week. But I think it's safe to say I lost three pounds this month.

Now on to February 2018, the month my first grandchild turns 12 years old. How is it possible he'll be a teenager next year? God help us!

Monday, January 22, 2018

What's Going On?

We were babies
at 21 years old.
Wow! It's been a long time since I posted. I give regular quick updates on FaceBook but haven't had the time or desire to compose a blog entry for a long time.

Our holidays went well. I simplified Christmas which made it much more enjoyable for me. I don't see going back to a more elaborate celebration ever again.
Overstock.com for the win!

Then on January 5 hubby and I celebrated 45 years of marriage. Besides a nice dinner on Christmas, which we always spend just with each other, I got a new wedding set to mark the occasion. It's tradition to give sapphires for a 45 wedding anniversary and I was all for that. I didn't have any sapphires and always loved Princess Diana's ring. I'm proud to say I worked all sorts of online deals and the set ended up costing a third of retail!

We barely got through the holidays and we were off to see our granddaughter, in Jersey City, NJ, over the MLK holiday weekend. We traveled with my daughter's family, staying in a rental within walking distance of my son's apartment I found on VRBO.com. It was a packed five days, with trips into Manhattan daily, and weather ranging from 61 to 15 degrees. Nevertheless we survived and had a good visit. But I miss my granddaughter even more now.

Reya (18 months), Elliott (11), and Jonah (7).

Since we've been home, I've been concentrating on tackling the weight I gained over the holidays. That means low-carb grocery shopping and meal prep plus counting calories. So far so good.

I've also begun my yearly whole-house purge and re-organization. Today I started tackling my clothes closet and drawers and plan to finish that project tomorrow. Next up will probably be the home office.

And that's all for now. Happy New Year!