May 2018

May 2018

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Elliott (9) as Elliott from E.T.;
Jonah (5) the explorer.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Another Update

Just noticed I haven't posted since October 13. So here's an update.

Last weekend hubby and I drove to northern Illinois for a long weekend with my sister and her family. On Saturday we saw the glass pumpkins at Morton Arboretum; had lunch in Gelena; walked through Fabyan Villa; and had dinner in Plainfield. Then on Sunday, before driving home, hubby and I stopped at a local pumpkin farm for hot apple cider donuts – yum!

It was a refreshing and fun getaway. And we're now considering another visit in December to enjoy several holiday events, including Chicago's Christmas Market. The only problem is, that far north, the temperatures will be freezing by then; and there's a good chance there will be snow on the ground. We need to give it more thought.

Before leaving for our weekend getaway, hubby and I went with my dad to his annual meeting with his financial advisor. A few weeks before that meeting we all met with dad's lawyer. Turns out dad's in great shape physically and financially for an 85-year-old. But he's still as cheap and block-headed as he's always been. Honestly I can only stand to be around dad for short periods of time, which is why hubby offered to join me at the recent meetings. He knows how difficult it is for me to deal with dad and how obstinate dad can be. Truth is dad hasn't changed. I've just become much less tolerant of his behavior.

I've also been doing a lot of yard work. We have a three-quarter acre wooded lot and, this time of year, the falling leaves keep us very busy. Might explain why I've been especially tired these days.

Well, those are the highlights. We're headed to a local pumpkin glow this evening, so I might have pictures to post tomorrow. It all depends on how well my camera takes night shots. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


As a follow-up to yesterday's post, this morning (two mornings after a sugar day) the number on the scale is at an all-time low. Yippee!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Pattern Has Emerged

I went from weighing myself weekly to checking the scale daily a couple of months ago. While it's depressing to see the number on the scale go up 1-2 pounds, it's motivating when it drops, which is why I plan to continue daily weigh-ins. Plus, by weighing myself daily, I've made a helpful discovery.

No matter if I stay within my allotted calorie count, my weight regularly fluctuates 2-3 pounds. And, since I log daily with LoseIt!, I've discovered the number on the scale always goes up the day after I've eaten a lot of sugar. For example, Saturday and Sunday morning I was at the same number. Then this morning I was up two pounds after several indulgences yesterday. I had half of a donut at a church social. And, at an Octoberfest lunch, I had a locally-made root beer and delicious blueberry bread pudding.

For the most part, since April, my daily diet has included little-to-no sugar. And, frankly, I don't miss it and, in fact, don't get that much pleasure from sugar anymore. When eating alone or at home, I rarely choose something with sugar in it. For example, for weeks there have been caramel apples in the house and I haven't had a single one. It's only when I'm in a group setting that I find myself indulging.

But now that I know how my body responds to sugar, I'll be considering those indulgences much more carefully. It's ridiculous to let a 2-minute indulgence sabotage my effort to reach goal weight.

Friday, October 9, 2015

What a Week!

The holiday season has started, which means family drama has returned. Granted most of these happenings could have occurred any time of the year, but they didn't.

First, I learned my son, his wife, and their Korean 20-year-old roommate are joining us for Thanksgiving. Bless my daughter, because our visitors will be staying at her new very large home. However, I'll be serving Thanksgiving dinner, as usual, now serving 10 instead of seven. But I'm determined to keep things simple. Not sure how my son will take not having mashed potatoes, which I haven't included in my Thanksgiving menu for many years now. Oh well, his doctor recently told him to lose 30 pounds anyway.

Then, this past Tuesday, I dragged dad to a meeting with his lawyer. It's been five years since Rudy helped us place mom on Medicaid while securing dad's financial future. But dad's recently been making some decisions that would make dispersing his estate much more complicated than need be. Turns out I was right and Rudy is now putting together a trust and will for dad. Plus, we learned about a new annuity offering in the state of Missouri that would pay for dad's long-term care, should he need it, without spending down his savings.

All good stuff, but dad made me pay the $1,650 fee because "it was my idea." I can't describe how sad,  mad, and disappointed I was, especially knowing dad can easily afford the fee. Fortunately, the next day he called and asked if I could wait until December to be paid back. He decided it was his responsibility. Duh! Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride!

But, before dad's call, I was dealing with brother's craziness. For an extremely stupid reason, Kevin doesn't like Rudy. However, he's been pushing dad to make a will for years. Like I said – craziness!

And just to make things even more interesting, I learned one of my nephews is moving to South Korea next month. And, unfortunately, he will not be living near my daughter-in-law's family who would love to welcome him and help in anyway they can. My sister's a wreck and I completely understand.

Here's hoping the weekend is down right boring!

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Martian

Yesterday hubby and I saw The Martian in 3D. I wish the theater had offered it in IMAX too. Not sure why they didn't. 3D made for a more immersive viewing, but picture and sound quality would have been so much better in IMAX.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed The Martian. I'm a Matt Damon fan, but also a sucker for any film about extremely intelligent people.

I especially enjoyed the young scientist who "saved the day." While his office was a complete disaster, he was so brilliant no one seemed to care. Gives me hope that my 9-year-old grandson can be appreciated for his mind and creativity as an adult, despite the fact his messy room currently frustrates his parents to no end.

I highly recommend The Martian. It was entertaining and a great way to start our holiday movie watching.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 Best of Missouri Market

More fall fun was had by all today, this time at the Best of Missouri Market. It was chilly and cloudy, but not nearly bad enough to dampen our spirits.

In the Kid Zone, as part of admission, the boys
got to pick out their own pumpkin.
This was my second attempt at a photo with papa for our
holiday card collage. This one's the keeper!