May 2018

May 2018

Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy 100th Day, Reya!

In the Korean culture it's customary to celebrate a baby's 100th day. Click here to learn about this tradition.

Today is Reya's 100th day, and my daughter-in-law replicated the traditional celebration as best she could. She set a beautiful table for Reya to pose behind, and we got some great pictures. Then, after the guests (me, papa, my daughter, and the boys) ate all the yummy treats, Reya fell asleep on papa's shoulder.

It was a very low key celebration, especially compared to the elaborate parties thrown in Korea. But at least Reya's 100th day was marked.

Happy 100th Day, sweet Reya!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bad Reaction

A week ago yesterday afternoon, I received the shingles, flu, and pneumonia vaccines. By Wednesday night, I was severely sick – fever, chills, overall body ache, and major headache. It continued, with minimal improvement, for two and a half days. I was literally bedridden Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. After getting out of bed at noon Saturday, I appeared to be back to normal. But, actually, it wasn't until today that I felt 100 percent again.

Of course I did a lot of research on all three vaccines. If the shingles shot had been the problem, there would have been a rash. The flu shot rarely causes problems and, personally, I've never had an issue with it. So that leaves the pneumonia vaccine, which has been reported to cause problems for a small percentage of recepients.

I experienced all the possible side effects of the pneumonia vaccine at full force. It really hit me hard. Looking ahead, I'm extremely concerned about getting the booster in 5-10 years. But, for now, I'm just glad to be back amoung the living!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Best of Missouri Market

Despite the heavy crowd, I think it's safe to say the entire family had a fun time at the Best of Missouri Market. The rain stayed away and the temperatures were in the low 60s.

Reya only wimpered once when she needed to be changed. The rest of the time, when not eating or napping, she seemed very curious, always looking around.

We have many more fall activities planned for the month of October. Hopefully, they'll all go as well as today's did!

Oldest grandchild, Elliott (10 years), pushing
newest grandchild, Reya (10 weeks).
My favorite! Momma holding
Reya as she sports her new
aplaca hat bought at the Market. 
Almost caught a full-on smile!
(My son loves to baby-carry!)
Elliott (10) and Jonah (6), our grownup