May 2018

May 2018

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Pattern Has Emerged

I went from weighing myself weekly to checking the scale daily a couple of months ago. While it's depressing to see the number on the scale go up 1-2 pounds, it's motivating when it drops, which is why I plan to continue daily weigh-ins. Plus, by weighing myself daily, I've made a helpful discovery.

No matter if I stay within my allotted calorie count, my weight regularly fluctuates 2-3 pounds. And, since I log daily with LoseIt!, I've discovered the number on the scale always goes up the day after I've eaten a lot of sugar. For example, Saturday and Sunday morning I was at the same number. Then this morning I was up two pounds after several indulgences yesterday. I had half of a donut at a church social. And, at an Octoberfest lunch, I had a locally-made root beer and delicious blueberry bread pudding.

For the most part, since April, my daily diet has included little-to-no sugar. And, frankly, I don't miss it and, in fact, don't get that much pleasure from sugar anymore. When eating alone or at home, I rarely choose something with sugar in it. For example, for weeks there have been caramel apples in the house and I haven't had a single one. It's only when I'm in a group setting that I find myself indulging.

But now that I know how my body responds to sugar, I'll be considering those indulgences much more carefully. It's ridiculous to let a 2-minute indulgence sabotage my effort to reach goal weight.

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Rita said...

Aha! The daily weighing and recording has been revealing so it is good for something after all. It seems they always are telling people not to weigh themselves every day. Good for you. Extra motivation is always a plus. You are doing just awesome! :)