May 2018

May 2018

Saturday, September 16, 2017


This morning I reached my pre-trip weight goal. Truly amazes me since I've had so much trouble losing weight after turning 60 six years ago. Low carb appears to be the "name of the game" for me.

After entering "Today's Weight" in my LoseIt! app, my daily intake was increased 500 calories. That sounds fantastic, but I'm nervous about eating more. After you've been on ~1400 calories a day for so long, I think it's normal to feel you'll certainly gain weight on ~1900 calories a day.

No matter what I do, however, odds are strong I'll gain a few pounds on our upcoming cruise. But at least now I know my "game plan" for post cruise.

Bon voyage!

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Rita said...

You could always stay on the same low calories until the cruise. Congrats!!! Carbs did the trick. Well, lack of carbs did the trick--LOL! :)