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May 2018

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Florida Weather

The Real Feel temperatures this week in Missouri are the same as those in Florida, well over 100 degrees. So why would we go to Sanibel, Florida with my daughter's family every year during the last week of July? The two main reasons are affordable rentals and easy access to the gulf and pools.

Years ago we gained access to a beautiful three-bedroom two-bath townhouse with a fully-equipped big modern kitchen right on a canal and just a five-minute walk to the beach. The July rent is a third what it is in the winter. In all honesty, I'd be content to never leave the townhouse and just enjoy the views of the canal and palm and avocado trees from the comfort of our air-conditioned home-away-from-home.

But the complex does include two small pools and its own beach area on the gulf. So everyday typically includes a dip in the gulf, a hunt for unique and perfect seashells, and a splash in one of the pools. We don't have any of those luxuries at home where high temperatures mostly keep us indoors.

Another perk of a beach vacation is the opportunity to eat fresh seafood. We always look forward to several amazing meals in our favorite restaurants. I'm not a big fan of seafood, but I do enjoy eating it when we're near the source. Fresh is 100-percent better than frozen.

Our family has been vacationing in Sanibel for the last eight years. But last year hubby and I didn't join my daughter's family. Instead we decided to stay home in case my son and daughter-in-law needed help with their newborn.

But we're not missing this year. And this year it's especially important for all of us to have this bonding time as we face the sadness of my son's family moving to New Jersey the end of the month. I'll save the full story of that disappointment for another post. For now I just want to focus on the countdown to our ninth stay on beautiful Sanibel Island.

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Rita said...

For a landlubber like myself being able to be near salt water is so alien. I remember visiting Florida when I was a kid many times and then when Dagan was about ten we visited my folks who retired to Florida. It just feels and smells different. Even the water tastes different. I still have little sea shells I collected as a child from Florida beaches.

Sorry to hear about your son and family moving away, though. :( That's going to be hard.