May 2018

May 2018

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thoughts of Italy

Hubby and me on the Amalfi coast
with Positano behind us.
We are safely home after two weeks in Italy. Gratefully, we had no major glitches and stayed healthy the entire tour.

Italy is absolutely beautiful this time of year and smells so good. Flowers and blooming trees and bushes are everywhere. Unfortunately, it's also full of tourists. We had hoped to be there just before the influx, but sadly that wasn't the case. However, we were told it will be much worse in a few weeks and continue building until the new school year begins. I honestly don't know how the locals can stand it!

Nevertheless, it was a good trip and we very much enjoyed the beauty and wonders of Italy. Thanks to iPhoto, I was able to quickly and easily post slideshows of each day on FaceBook. Just click here and scroll down until you find them in the feed.

Definitely a hightlight of the trip was the food. Authentic Italian food is amazing and I miss it already. Here's what the Italian's do diffently:

1. Noodles are served al dente no matter the dish.
2. Eggplant is often included in starters (roasted, grilled, or deep fried) and pasta dishes.
3. Pizza sauce is thin almost runny.
4. A simple green salad is served last not first.
5. Coffee is strong, very strong. Espresso is the norm.
6. In restaurants, a glass of wine cost no more, and sometimes less, than a soft drink.
7. Breakfast consists mainly of an espresso and small bakery item.
8. Lunch is eaten between 1:00 and 2:00 PM and dinner typically begins at 9:00 PM.
9. Bakery items, desserts, and chocolates are not as sweet as they are here in the United States.
10. Awarding winning gelato is creamier and richer than what's available in the United States.
11. Beef is served barely cooked and melts in your mouth.
12. Very little processed food is consumed.

Despite the crowds and unseasonably warm weather, we loved Italy. If money and time would allow, we'd return someday, just not between mid-May and mid-September!

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Rita said...

I will get over to facebook and peruse your photos. Sounds so exotic...even the eggplant--LOL! Glad it went well and you are home safe and sound. :) Hugs!!