May 2018

May 2018

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer's Last Hurrah

Jonah loves the pool.
Today we returned from our annual trip to Sanibel Island with the Jorgensens.  We began this tradition four years ago.  The first year we stayed on Fort Myers Beach.  The last three years have been at Sanibel Moorings on the island.  We all had a great time, again, despite this year's "little challenge."

We stayed in the same townhouse as last year, which has two floors and, of course, is not baby-proof.  So whenever we were in the townhouse, if Jonah wasn't eating or sleeping, the chase was on.  Jonah simply can't sit still for long, is always looking for a physical challenge, and feels nothing's off limits.  By the end of each day, all the adults were relieved when Jonah finally went to bed for the night.

Elliott aboard the Pieces of Eight.
For Elliott, one of the highlights of this year's trip was a pirate cruise.  It was the prefect activity for a five-year-old boy whose current passion is pirates.  Between the on-board giveaways and dock-side gift shop, Elliott made quite a haul, which included several accessories for his 2011 Halloween costume.

All-in-all it was another successful memory-making trip. But, unfortunately, it was also our summer's last hurrah. Now it's time to prepare for the 2011-12 school year and the start of grandma daycare again.  Thank goodness Jonah will be at Brilliant Beginnings Academy two days a week!

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