May 2018

May 2018

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahead of the Curve

In May, Jonah was just starting to talk.  He knew maybe 10 words, including kitty-cat, bye-bye, and fish (as in Gold Fish cracker).  Now, just two months later, he's using complete sentences.  At lunch on Thursday, Jonah clearly said, "I'm thirsty."  And yesterday, after connecting two pop-beads together, he exclaimed, "I did it!"

After a little research, I discovered that Jonah is three months ahead in language skills.  Most toddlers begin using complete sentences between 19 and 24 months.  Jonah is only 16 months old.  I also suspect his vocabulary is advanced.  What toddler says thirsty instead of drink, or Disney instead of Mickey?

The doctor warned us that Jonah would probably advance quicker than most.  He will always be striving to catch up to big brother, Elliott.  That certainly appears to be the case, and it's a little sad to see Jonah growing up so quickly.  However, I won't mind at all if he learns how to use the potty ahead of the curve!


blinkdawg said...

Hi first word was, Elliott!

GrandmaG said...

So true^^