May 2018

May 2018

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Planning Our Fall Trip

For this school year, Grandma Daycare will be closed a week in October and February.  Since Jim and I like to travel, at 60 years of age it's important we do it more often while we're still able-bodied and not on a fixed income.  I'm now researching our fall trip.

Something simple would be a road trip to Asheville, North Carolina.  I've been there before in October with a couple of girlfriends.  The fall colors were breathtaking and something I'd like Jim to see.  But it seems a bit boring and I'm not excited about driving through "country" Tennessee.

Another option is Seattle, Washington.  Neither of us have been to the northwest and it's definitely a place we want to see.  And we might get lucky with a cheap Southwest Airlines flight.  But after doing hours of research, I realized the same budget could take us on a bigger adventure.

That's when I remembered Ireland is still on our Bucket List.  We only have a week, but I still think a nice trip to the Emerald Isle is doable.  And the beauty of Ireland over Europe is there's no language barrier, sort of.

So I'll be focusing on Ireland this week.  For my peace of mind, we need to make a decision within the next couple of weeks.  I don't mind being flexible once we get there, but I like to have my air travel and hotel stays secured well in advance.

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blinkdawg said...

Def go to Ireland. Good idea.