May 2018

May 2018

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Beginning

Things are finally getting back to normal.  Over the weekend, I organized the hall bathroom vanity.  During the remodel, I had stored everything from the old vanity in Jonah's bed.  Now his bed is cleared and cleaned and ready for grandma daycare.

The hall bathroom is nearly completed.  All that's left is sealing the tile, getting a final city inspection, and painting the walls and trim.  The painter is scheduled for August 31.  But finally we are using the room, again, and I'm shopping for a shower curtain, towels, and artwork.

Also over the weekend, we put the play room back together.  For months we'd been dealing with a terrible smell in that area.  I thought it was a dead animal, but Jim felt it was mold under the carpet tiles.  We lifted a couple of tiles and did find mold.  So Jim trashed the old tiles, washed, sealed, and painted the floor, and installed new carpet tiles. But first we had to empty the room, and that's when we found the other problem.  We had failed to put a plate on the outlet behind the entertainment unit and a mouse had tried to use the hole.  So between the mildew and dead mouse, it's no wonder the room smelled!

The patio off the play room is also back together. When we had the driveway repaved in late June, flower pots and the outdoor toy box were moved to the patio.  And that's where they stayed during the 100+ degree weather.  When it finally got cooler last week, I cleared and cleaned the patio, so now it's also ready for grandma daycare.  The patio is under the sun room, so it's a nice spot for Jonah's swing, which he loves.

With the house back to normal and summer vacations over, I'm now looking forward to working out more regularly and eating healthy meals more consistently.  Funny how, no matter what my age, the start of a new school year always feels like a new beginning.

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