May 2018

May 2018

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Today I helped stimulate the economy.  I met my shopping friend at the St. Louis Galleria and we had fun taking advantage of Macy's sales.  Nearly everything we bought was at least 40 percent off and reduced another 20 percent with our Macy's credit cards.  A lot of the items I got will be perfect for our upcoming beach trips. I'm excited to be bringing new things, including swimsuits I recently bought through at more than 50 percent off with free shipping.

All my new purchases mean even more purging.  For several months, I've been steadily getting rid of a lot of old clothes and shoes.  I simply no longer have mercy for anything I don't truly enjoy wearing.  Plus I'm realizing I don't need as many items if they all work.  Sometimes, less is best.

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