May 2018

May 2018

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Back Home

We got back from Florida mid-morning last Saturday. Here's an excerpt from a recap I posted on FaceBook:

Just back from another week on Sanibel Island with our daughter's family. It was the Jorgensens ninth year at Sanibel Moorings, and eighth year for Jim and me. (Last year we chose to stay home in case our newborn granddaughter needed us.) I spent my water time pool side, finishing two books. Most mornings it was just me and a couple of feathered friends. 😂
It was a good week that flew by and now we're all looking forward to next year's visit.

Just me and these two at the pool in the mornings.
Daughter and family.
Can you tell Jonah hates family photos?

No problem getting Jonah to  smile for this shot.
Me and 11-year-old Elliott.
Can't believe he starts Middle School in a couple of weeks :(
Iconic Sanibel Island light house.

We got home just in time to rescue Reya from the trauma of packing. Per usual, her parents were not at all organized and Reya was not handling any of it very well. Honestly, I had hoped all the packing and moving would be over before we got home. I just knew it would be a circus.

But I suppose I'm happy to have had a last afternoon with my only granddaughter before her crazy parents move her to New Jersey. Our relationship will never be the same and that makes me very sad. I'm doing my best not to dwell on it but it's very hard.

Hubby and I will be in Brooklyn one night before our New England/Canada cruise in September. (More on that in another post.) I'm hoping nothing keeps my son from meeting us for dinner so we can see Reya. But he's nothing if not unreliable, so we can only hope.

No updates on hubby's prostate cancer. Our next meeting with the urologist is late August when treatment will be discussed.

In the meantime, I've been taking it easy until my daughter's family returns from Florida on Thursday. (They extended their vacation with a trip to Disney World.) When they return, I want to spend time individually with each grandson before school begins on August 16. After that my days will be planned around meeting the school bus every afternoon.

That's my update as summer winds down and I get more and more excited for the return of my favorite season, fall, which I feel starts Labor Day Weekend. Let the countdown begin!

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Rita said...

Goodness! Crazy busy! Changes everywhere. Things should settle down soon. School will be back in session and the weather will cool down. I hope they decide on treatment for the hubby and that all goes well, too. Fall is my favorite time of year, too! :)