May 2018

May 2018

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Silver Linings

Recently I finally tried two things that have been trends for awhile now – adult coloring and avocado toast.

My favorite colored
page so far.
Because my new progressive lenses make near-sighted activities extremely challenging, I've given up cross-stitching for awhile. I could wear my old bifocals because my reading prescription didn't change, but then my view of the television would be blurred. And since I can't just sit and watch television, I desperately needed something to do at the same time besides being on my laptop. Adult coloring to the rescue!

I recently scored a coloring journal at Aldi for $2.50 and decided that would be a good start. Now I'm having so much fun coloring I'm budgeting for a set of 48 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils because I want more color options. And I'm loving using a journal for various note keeping such as logging my daily carb intake. Win win!

The second new for me is avocado on toast. I've always known avocado is a healthy food, but rarely ate it because of its high calorie count. Well one of the big positives of eating low-carb is the ability to eat more low-carb foods. So yesterday I sliced avocado on buttered whole-wheat bread and now understand the obsession. Yum!

I consider adult coloring and avocado toast silver-linings to two recent frustratng challenges, adjusting to progressive lenses and losing weight. And just when I was ready for some newness in my life :)

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Rita said...

As you know, I can't just sit and watch TV, either--LOL! I have a feeling that when I finally get my new glasses in April they will take some getting used to, too. Coloring can be really fun and relaxing. Never have tried avocado on toast, though. :) Enjoy!!