May 2018

May 2018

Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy 7 Birthday, Jonah!

Jonah (7) and Elliott (11)
Our grandson, Jonah, turned seven today. And, as usual, it seems he should be at least a year older. The gap between him and his older brother, Elliott, is four years, but seems and appears much closer.

Jonah is above average in intelligence with an astounding vocabulary. He's also a "sponge," retaining everything he learns.  Plus he's tall, expecting to be at least two inches taller than his big brother when fully grown.

Jonah's birthday always lands during spring break, which means Jonah has spent nearly every birthday in Walt Disney World. What a lucky kid!

(On a sad note, we lost our ~17.5 year old street-rescued pet March 11. Everyone who knew Rupert recognized him as a special cat. Unfortunately, Rupert didn't age well and, while extremely sad, we're glad he's now at peace. Rupert was the best pet we ever had. He was also our last pet. Watching another pet age, suffer, and die is more than we could take. So with Rupert's passing another chapter in our married lives ended as well.)

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Rita said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah! Time sure flies. :)

So sorry to hear about Rupert!! But glad he has no more pain or discomfort. It is so hard to watch them decline and saying goodbye leaves a hole in your heart. I can understand why you wouldn't want to go through that again. Plus you guys like to travel, too. Farewell, Rupert.