May 2018

May 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enough Already!

(Emily is now in speech therapy.  In a nutshell, her vocal cords shut down while fighting the virus and dealing with severe acid reflux.  The doctor feels Emily's voice will return once her throat muscles have been retrained.  It's a good thing there's only seven more days of school.  It's tough to control a classroom with no voice.)

I'm so over 2012 already.  It all started January 2 when a simple toilet backup turned into all of the sewer pipes under the house needing to be replaced.  Then the family business began having one problem after another.  Replacing the co-manager who retired has been a nightmare.  And now we need to replace a technician who's causing nothing but trouble.  Plus we're having vehicle problems. One truck needs to be replaced, and two others were in accidents, neither our fault.  It all adds up to big pay cuts for the owners.

And that translates to major changes in our 2012 personal budget.  Unless a miracle happens, we will not be taking our annual July trip to the Riviera Maya.  Plus, our November trip to Paris is in jeopardy.  And I'm beginning to think the family room redo should wait until summer 2013.

But maybe we're just having a bad first half.  At least I'm praying that's the case, because I've had enough.

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