May 2018

May 2018

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Functional Closet, Again

Yesterday I met my friend at the St. Louis Galleria.  We have a shopping date every 3-5 months.  This time I had a list of items needed to make my closet functional again.  For example, I needed a pair of khaki slacks, a basic dress, and a black jacket or blazer.

I found the slacks and dress on sale at Macy's.  And, by using my Macy's card, they were reduced an additional twenty percent.  I already wore the dress today to a family Christening.

The jacket I found at New York and Company.  It's not the basic black blazer the professionals recommend for a functional closet, but I know I'll wear it often.  The style is a feminine take on a motorcycle jacket, which is currently in fashion.  But what impressed me the most was that it's an unbelievable faux leather.  I'd read and heard about the popularity of manmade leather, but never believed it would be anything but crunchy plastic.  I am now a believer and certainly appreciate the savings of faux over real.

Yes, yesterday's shopping trip was a success, but not just because I found several items on my list.  I also ended up with a pair of flats for our Ireland trip.

A day of walking the mall seemed like a good opportunity to test more shoes.  So I started the day wearing a new pair of flats with backups packed in my trunk if they failed.  I ended up wearing the new shoes all day and well into the evening.  I had a little bunion pain by lunch time, but a couple of Tylenol pills completely relieved the discomfort.

My closet is functional, again.

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