May 2018

May 2018

Friday, August 26, 2011

Changes I Could Live Without

I wish my body shape wasn't always changing.  But, no matter if I hold my weight at a certain number, there's a shifting with age I can't control.  It honestly wouldn't bother me if it didn't always require new clothes.

And then there's the problem of my hair always growing.  It would be great if, once I found a style I like and can easily manage, my hair would just stay put and not get any longer.  This, too, wouldn't bother me if my stylist could always duplicate my last cut.  But, no matter how skilled she is and how well we communicate, every cut is never exactly the same as the last one.  The good news is that often it's better, so I guess I'll just continue always hoping for the best.

But because bodies do change and hair does grow, I'm now shopping for fall clothes and wondering if it's time for a hair cut.  Believe me, there are many other things I would much rather be doing.

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