May 2018

May 2018

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carpe Diem!

The decision's been made.  The trip is booked.  We're going to Ireland and I'm getting more excited by the minute!

I never expected we could afford a nice trip to mark our 60 birthdays after all the home improvement we did this year. But paying off the house last year has made a big difference.  No longer having that large monthly payment has allowed us to treat ourselves while still sticking to our savings plan.  Plus we've been lucky that, during a poor economy, business has remained steady.

Nevertheless, some would argue that "during these uncertain economic times" we shouldn't be spending money unnecessarily.  But, every time I think of my parents, I'm more determined that Jim and I grab every opportunity to enjoy life together while we can.

My parents saved all their lives for retirement.  But, for them, the joy of retirement only lasted a few years.  Dad often talks about how mom's Alzheimer's is particularly sad because they have the money to travel.  But mom's in a home and dad refuses to leave town as long as she's alive.

So, because I'm reminded daily that we never know what the future holds, I say -- "carpe diem!"