May 2018

May 2018

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backup Plan In Play

One of the reasons I wanted Emily to find Jonah a daycare was because I feel we need a backup plan.  Little did I know we would need it so soon.  But, since no work can be done on the bathroom next week, while I'm out of town, it's a good thing Jonah will start Brilliant Beginnings on August 8.  Now Emily can still go to all her doctor appointments before school starts.  And I have three more days to get the bathroom finished before Grandma Daycare resumes on August 11.  

At this point, I'm beyond frustrated with how long it's taking to finish the hall bathroom. Last year the larger master bathroom remodel, which included removing and installing walls and more tile work, took three weeks. Since the hall bathroom redo is a much smaller project, it should have been easily finished in at least the same amount of time. But, as of today, the hall bathroom redo will now go into a fourth week. The counter top did not arrive yesterday.  Hopefully, it will be here in time for install tomorrow.  But that means additional days are now needed for the toilet and fixtures installation, electrical completion, mirror mounting, and final inspection.

Nevertheless, I know I'll love the hall bathroom as much as I do the master bathroom when it's finished.  Going through a remodel is like suffering through labor.  Once it's over, the pain is quickly forgotten because the reward is so beautiful.

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