May 2018

May 2018

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time Is Flying!

Yes, I'm still here. Yes, I'm still blogging even though it's not been often lately. I've just been busy enjoying and dealing with life.

I've added two more classes to my weekly gym routine. After my regular 45-minute weight-resistance class on Mondays, I'm now also doing a 20-minute ab class. And I've started a 45-minute Pound class on Wednesday evenings. You wouldn't think adding just 65 minutes to my regular workout routine would impact my schedule too much, but it has. Extra travel and recovery time in addition to the actual classes takes a big bite out of my week.

I've also been watching Reya a few hours each week. I like giving her mom a break, and love spending alone time with my only granddaughter. At four months, it's nice that she's not so fragile now and can be redirected out of a fussy episode with toys, cartoons, and baby apps. It'll be even better when she can sit without props and masters gripping things. She should be at that point by Christmas, which will be nice.

We also took a long-weekend trip recently. Hubby had Veterans Day off, so we drove to Chicago. We enjoyed the China exhibit at The Field Museum; took a food/history tour of Naperville, Illinois; and had dinner with my sister's family. It was a fun getaway.

Of course, I've also been busy with holiday prep. I'm scaling way back, but there's still a lot to do and manage, starting with hosting Thanksgiving. This year, however, I've got my DIL making the potatoes and daughter making the green vegetable, which will be a big help. It's not that I can't still do it all, I just don't want to.

I've also given up the idea of having my house uber clean for the holidays this year. It just hasn't happened for several reasons, but mainly because I've been focusing on activities to pull me out of my turning-65 depression. Besides, no one will notice and the "fall" chores will still be there in January.

So, that's my update. We have a busy weekend ahead, including Reya's Christening. But yesterday I finished the bulk of my Thanksgiving grocery shopping, so I'm feeling slightly less stressed today :)

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Rita said...

I turned 65 this year, too. But I am more depressed over the election. I don't normally talk politics, as you know, but let's just say I've been depressed and sad.

Sounds like you had a marvelous get away! You're so lucky to babysit your sweet little granddaughter regularly, too. Yes, time is flying by so quickly. I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving. Good for you to have others bringing part of the meal. Lots of families do that. I think it's brilliant and practical.

Enjoy all your exercise classes. Bully for you! Let's hope 2017 will be much better than we ever hoped. :)