May 2018

May 2018

Thursday, September 8, 2016

86 Years Old

After school on Monday,
the boys and I surprised
dad with gifts and a cake.
Tomorrow my dad turns 86. No one, including him, thought he would live this long. But, not only is he still alive, he's also still living on his own, driving, shopping, cooking, and maintaining a house and yard.

Unfortunately, I can't say dad is mostly happy. Truth is I believe he's mostly sad. Sad that mom's gone. Sad he can't physically do what he used to do easily. He's also always in worry mode. Worries about money. (He has plenty.) Worries about home maintenance. (He easily can afford to pay for whatever needs to be done.) Worries about health issues. (He has very little and nothing terminal.)

Looking at dad I have to wonder how I'll be at 86 if I make it that long. I'm sure there will be similarities. But one big difference between dad and me is I'm much closer to my children and grandchildren, which I pray will make my 80s much less lonely.

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Rita said...

My mom is 87 and I am a lot like her in many ways, much as I would hate to admit it. She's happy being as independent as possible. Is always busy and usually in a good mood. She likes to run, though, still. Always happy to go anywhere with anyone. Good thing I was always a happy homebody since I've been housebound for so long--ROFL! It would have driven my mother insane. But when she lives alone in Florida and I am alone up here--we both get so busy we forget to call each other--LOL! She is constantly on the go with friends who pick her up for this and that. My social life is online. But we do have our similarities, that's for sure. It does make you wonder, doesn't it? I am glad I am so much close to my son and his family. But my brother and sister have gotten closer to Mom now that she's alone than they ever were when Dad was alive. Things can change. :)