May 2018

May 2018

Monday, June 13, 2016


A few days before the end of the trip hubby caught a virus. Congestion, headache, coughing, you get the picture. Then I started with it the day we flew home. So, in addition to getting over jet-lag, we've both been dealing with the tail-end of a viral infection. But I think (and hope) by the end of this week we'll be 100% again.

I did manage to get back to the gym today, however. I know I'll be sore tomorrow, but welcome the pain. It felt good to be squatting, lifting weights, and doing push-ups and abdominal work, again. At the end of a class, I'm always appreciative of the fact my body can still do those things.

And I know working out regularly helped me enjoy the trip more. We walked an average of 5.5 miles a day. And nearly all those miles were logged carrying a full cross-body bag.

My reward was eating and drinking whatever I wanted and not gaining any weight. In fact, I lost weight. A friend suggested I may have broken my plateau by eating more calories. I pray that's true. I've been counting calories, logging everything I eat, and working out regularly for well over a year and I'm still six pounds shy of my goal. I know six pounds isn't much, but when I set out to do something I'm used to getting it done.

But now my focus is on baby. My daughter and I are giving my daughter-in-law a baby shower on June 25. Zuae needs so many things before baby comes. She's had a miserable pregnancy, constantly suffering with nausea and heartburn, that it's been tough for her to prepare. But this Wednesday she'll be 35 weeks, so it won't be much longer. It's time to "feather the nest!"

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Rita said...

Oh gosh! So many times people seem to get sick after they have been on vacation--or at the end, as in your case. I hope you guys are better soon. Yes--take advantage of being able to go to the gym and do all those exercises! :)

Poor mama-to-be being sick the whole time. It's like that for some women. Won't be long now and you'll be meeting the new member of the family!!! How exciting! :) Rest up when you can. Looked like a great trip. :)