May 2018

May 2018

Saturday, May 14, 2016

T-Ball Success!

Jonah and his first t-ball award.
During middle school and high school, I played Khoury League softball, mainly as catcher and infrequently as shortstop. Softball was a family affair and serious business. My dad coached and, eventually, my sister also played. We even won several tournaments, bringing home trophies and plagues.

A few months ago, while cleaning out my dad's basement, we uncovered some of those trophies and plagues, and the timing was perfect. It was just the help we needed to get Jonah to try t-ball. Jonah decided he, too, wanted to earn some awards.

Of course trophies and plagues aren't typically given in t-ball. I just kept telling Jonah it took grandma years before I won my first trophy. And I kept hoping he would learn to enjoy the sport nevertheless. Truth is, I desperately want Jonah involved in some type of sport because he's clearly athletic.

Today was the last day of the session and one of the best Jonah had. He seemed to really enjoy himself. And he learned that "sticking with it" pays off. At the end of practice, the coach gave each player a medal and Jonah was "over the moon" excited.

Weeks ago, Jonah agreed to continue t-ball this summer, which thrilled me. It doesn't appear baseball will be Jonah's sport. But until we find the perfect fit, t-ball is a good way for him to burn off some energy and learn teamwork. Play ball!

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Rita said...

Oh, congrats to Jonah!! He does look proud indeed!! :)