May 2018

May 2018

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day!

While a snow day isn't as welcoming to me as it was when I watched the grandsons (glad for a break), I still enjoy any excuse to just stay home. And my car covered with snow is as good an excuse as any!

Throughout the day I've been purging and cleaning kitchen cupboards and drawers in between cooking and stitching. I also finished this year's Valentine's Day cards.

Currently I'm addicted to cross-stitching on perforated paper. I can see the holes without extra lighting and finish projects quickly. Best of all, I can use the finished projects on cards, which I also enjoy making.

Yay for snow days!

Both grandsons are getting one
of these hanging cards to add
to my daughter's Valentine tree.
The rest of my Valentines
are getting tag-type cards.
I was able to easily turn the owl
into a girl with the addition
of a bow made from floss.

1 comment:

Rita said...

Oh how cute! Snow days mean different things at different times of your life, depending on what's going on. These days I hardly notice them--LOL! Except for the beautiful display of nature outside the window. It is nice not to have to go scraping and shoveling anymore, I must say. I am spoiled. ;)