May 2018

May 2018

Saturday, November 7, 2015


For as long as I've known my husband he's been a James Bond fan. So it's no surprise we saw the franchise's latest installment the first weekend of its release. This Bond movie viewing was unique, however, because Spectre is the first one we've seen in IMAX. What a rush! The explosions shook our seats and the helicopters felt and sounded as if they were flying over our heads!

If you're a Bond fan you'll like Spectre. As always, the locations are beautiful; the soundtrack is enjoyable; and the pace is fast. Plus Daniel Craig, once again, delivered the perfect 007.

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Rita said...

Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Sounds like quite an experience!
Myself, I have never been into the Bond movies, but I went to an IMAX theater once when they were new and they are amazing! :)