May 2018

May 2018

Friday, November 27, 2015

And Now It's Christmas

Just couldn't get the group
to cooperate for a photo,
so hubby focused on the
food and table.
I successfully cooked and served another Thanksgiving meal. Everyone enjoyed the food and, overall, it was a good day. My daughter's family joined us as well as my 85-year-old dad. And my son and daughter-in-law were here as well as the Korean young man they're guardians to while he's in America.

Insoo is a complete delight. He was so good with both of the grandsons, playing games with them as well as making sure they ate and buttoned up their coats. When he moves to our area with Daniel and Zuae in the spring, for sure he'll be the boys's first-pick babysitter!

And now the rush is on to decorate for Christmas. I do less and less each year, but it's still a big job. Although this year we may not be putting up a big tree. Hubby pulled a back muscle last Sunday and is in a lot of pain unless he's just laying on the couch with a heating pad.

If he's still down tomorrow, I may buy a small tree I can handle all by myself. Or maybe we just won't have a tree this year, which frankly wouldn't bother me. Either way, a decision will be made no later than Sunday. After which, I don't want to do anymore decorating.

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Rita said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and a full house!! Hubby has to take care of his back. Might be a good year to pass on a few things. My little table top tree broke a couple years ago. Leah said she has one she hasn't used for years and they're going to try to find it for me when they decorate their tree. So, I might actually have some decorations this year--LOL! Not been high on my list. I like to have some twinkling colored lights, but those died last year, too. My stuff was old--hehe! Leah said she'd keep an eye out for me for some twinkling lights to go around the patio door. Trouble is, I like the option of twinkle or not twinkle. Fussy old lady. They don't seem to make them that way anymore. But I'm in no of these years would be fine--LOL! Hope your decorating goes well. :)