May 2018

May 2018

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Projects

Today work finally started on the retaining wall and upper patio.  We're replacing the 30-year-old railroad-tie wall along the driveway with stone.  We're also replacing the five-year-old flagstone on the upper patio with roman stone to match the lower patio.  The flagstone proved to be too high maintenance, constantly molding and flaking.

The landscapers were supposed to start work earlier this week, but the job before us was delayed due to rain.  And, because we're having sporadic downpours today, I have a feeling completion of our job will also be delayed.  But that's the risk one takes doing outside projects in the spring.

One thing's for sure, all the rain we've been getting is doing wonders for the grass and vegetation. Everything's so green.  I'm just trying to soak (no pun intended) it up before the brown of Missouri's hot summers hits!

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