May 2018

May 2018

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No More Piles!

Before I converted our sitting room into a home office, there were always piles of receipts, bills, coupons, magazines, and flyers on the kitchen counter.  Sometimes they overflowed to the kitchen table.  For a person who hates clutter, it drove me nuts.

I had high hopes for finally managing all the piles when I set up the home office.  Besides the desk with two file drawers, the room includes a four-drawer file cabinet and two eight-foot cabinets with shelves on top and two large file drawers on the bottom.  There is plenty of file storage for all my needs.

Nevertheless, there are still piles.  The good news is they're no longer in the kitchen.  The bad news is my desk is usually a mess.  I work around, on top of, and through the piles until I can't take it any longer, which happens every 2-3 months.

Today was a piles clean-up day.  After four hours, I once again have a neat desk top and feel super organized.  And, as always happens at this point, I'm determined to never let a pile form again.  Please wish me luck.

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