May 2018

May 2018

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loving My Kindle

Last week, with my new bifocal sunglasses and Kindle, I read six books and nearly a quarter of a seventh novel while lounging on the beach.  Sadly, before last week, I hadn't read a book since our last trip to Mexico a year ago.  And, at that time, I only finished one novel because that's all I was willing to pack.

With the red protective case I purchased, my Kindle is the size of a 5"x7" hardback barely an inch thick.  It makes the e-reader so easy to carry, fitting effortlessly in a beach or tote bag with no worries.  However, if I forget or decide not to carry it, I can access my library with my iPhone and Kindle app.  When opened, the app syncs to my e-reader so I can start reading where I left off.

I honestly think I'll be reading a lot more now.  The Kindle is so light weight that it's comfortable to read in bed.  And the screen is sharp and easy on the eyes.  Plus I'm finding myself going to the Kindle app whenever I'm waiting in line or eating alone. The Kindle is seriously one of the best tools I've ever purchased.

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