May 2018

May 2018

Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Need a Vacation!

Jim and I have never been more in need of a vacation.  Jim is averaging 12-hour work days, including weekends.  I honestly don't know what's keeping him going. And I've been logging extra hours managing the books while supervising several home projects.  We are definitely in overload mode.

Years ago, we decided to keep the business small.  The main deciding factor was how difficult it is to find good employees.  We currently have six full-time technicians, two part-time people in the office, and a part-time bookkeeper.  As busy as we've been since March, however, we could easily keep another technician busy full-time. But that means the expense of a seventh truck fully equipped and insured, and another possible problematic personality to manage.  We definitely, however, need more help in the office.

How does an owner control the growth of a business?  We don't advertise. But we've established ourselves as a trustworthy service provider who responds quickly. which is why the phone keeps ringing with referrals from happy customers.

It's time for a Board of Directors meeting to talk about the company's future, again. And I think a beach somewhere would be the ideal location :-)

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